High quality products

from carefully selected Greek Products

Gluten free

no preservatives rich with vitamin B6 and Magnesium

A unique gastronomic

experience for every moment of the day

Our products

Our gourmet pop corn is made with specially chosen Greek ingredient focusing on high quality and rich flavor.
Is a unique gastronomic experience which you can enjoy any time of the day.


For all you caramel fans the news is here you can now enjoy the taste of caramel with pop corn.
A perfect combination that brings new meaning to pop corn.

Cocoa & Caramel

A balanced recipe of caramel and cocoa
for all those who love the rich taste of chocolate.


About us

Annie’s gourmet pop corn is a Greek company. It was created by Anna Maria Constantakis and her three daughters Georgia the pastry chef, Maria and Katherine. Anna Maria was born in Canada a country where pop-corn is a daily snack.

Her childhood memories inspired her to bring her personal experience in Greece and with passion she produces gourmet pop-corn with chocolate, caramel and cheese. Flavors that are not widely known in the Greek place.


Taste it today!

A healthy everyday snack for all ages any hour of the day.
Annie’s gourmet pop corn is here to stay and win its place in the Greek market.

Contact us

28, Oktoviou & Kountourioti St., Nea Peramos, Greece

+30 2296033526


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